Smolensk Clinical Research Site

Smolensk Clinical Research Site was launched in 2014 due to partnership of Clinical Trial Support and privately owned multi-discipline clinic Uromed, established in 1994.

MoH Letter of Accreditation No.1000 dated 10 December 2013.


  • 25+ therapeutic areas;
  • own Local EC;
  • permanently updated volunteers database;
  • up to 16 adjustable beds for volunteers;
  • 24/7, including weekends and bank holidays;
  • advanced medical infrastructure;
  • the site is equipped with all units required for BE / Phase I clinical trials according to international standards;
  • modern clinical laboratory;
  • Intensive Care Unit;
  • direct payments to volunteers pursuant to applicable legislation;
  • proper nutrition for volunteers;
  • English-speaking team;
  • well-developed process of volunteers recruitment;
  • flexible system of assigning team members for each clinical trial in any therapeutic area.


  • refrigerators (2-8 С);
  • freezers (-20 С - -80C);
  • 12 lead ECGs;
  • centrifuges (including Refrigerated);
  • IC Unit with oxygen PCV, AED and monitors;
  • auxanometers, tonometers, thermometers;
  • min/max thermometers, data loggers;
  • CCTV;
  • alarm buttons;
  • controlled ambient storage area for IP;
  • access control system with electronic keys;
  • synchronized clocks.

Our team

  • Principal Investigators with 15+ years of expertise in clinical research;
  • study coordinators;
  • co-investigator physicians;
  • intensive care specialists;
  • nurses.

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